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History of Dumanjug

During the early era of the Spanish colonial regime, the village was so famous of its sweet yet very strong tuba (an alcoholic beverage derived from coconut juice). The most famous of the tuba gatherers of the town was a certain Duman who raised several coco trees in the heart of the village.

One day, a platoon of Spanish Civil Guards visited the town. In an irony of fate, it was also the day that Duman died after he fell from his coco tree while gathering his tuba. The Spanish soldiers inquired from the natives, the name of the town (pueblo in Spanish), however, the natives failed to understand the Spanish language and thinking why the people were assembled in grief and in somber mood, replied that “si Duman nahug”. The Spanish soldier then thinking it was the name of the village he is asking for, thought that the name of this village is DUMANJUG.